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Adamstown Eye Care, LLC

2654 N Reading Rd

Reinholds, PA 17569

(717) 484-0934

Insurance and Payments

Thinking of Our Community

At Adamstown Eye Care, our goal is promote good eye health and enable you to have the clearest vision possible.  We're working every day to bring you affordable eye care that includes thoughtful alternatives.  Our fee structure is set lower than other private offices to make care affordable, regardless of coverage.  

We accept cash, checks, most credit cards and limited insurances. Most patients pay for the exam at the time of service and we'll always help with any of your questions about submitting insurance claims.  If in doubt, please be certain to discuss treatment costs at the beginning of your appointment. If you need a breakdown of costs, just let us know and can provide an invoice that's suitable for your claim.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Many employers are offering Flexible Spending Account (FSA) options to employees. Sometimes these are referred to as cafeteria plans and are elective, supplemental insurance savings plans. These plans are designed to let you save money in an account, pre-tax, to pay for additional medical expenses such as eye exams, glasses, contacts, and often laser vision surgery. Check with the benefits administrator at your work to see if you are eligible for this program. FSAs can typically be used in conjunction with other insurance to offset any out-of-pocket costs on your behalf.

Insurance Plans and Vision Care Discount Plans

Insurance coverage can add to the value of your care, but only when it is applied in a fair and convenient manner.  It should not be a burden or an obstacle to obtaining superior care.  For this reason, Adamstown Eye Care has been careful to avoid participation in plans that don't clearly put the needs of our patients above all else.  Many Vision Care Discount Plans are misleading and charge you up front for services that you may never use.  Many patients find out that the plan only covers the basics and not what they really want.  Your plan dollars also go to pay a third-party to administer your care,  reducing the value of your benefit.  Managing your eye care really isn't that hard when you have providers you trust.  Keeping it simple and avoiding complicated plans is often a better choice whenever possible.


If your current insurance allows you to visit doctors out-of-network, please consider taking advantage of your plan at Adamstown Eye Care and we'll assist you in processing your claim.  You may be surprised how minimal your out-of-pocket costs may be and the difference in the care you receive here will be obvious.

Group Plans

We currently offer preferred service plans for the following groups:

Bollman Hat Company
Boose Aluminum Foundry Company, Inc
Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp
Christian Healthcare Ministries
Dentech, Inc
Direct Wire & Cable, Inc
Kalas Wire, Inc
Lions Clubs International/Sight Conservation Services
MGS, Inc
Old Order Group
Plain Community Program
Precision Medical Products, Inc
Preferred Health Care
Signature Custom Cabinetry, Inc
Stoner Industrial Services, Inc
Sturdy Built Manufacturing, LLC
Sylvin Technologies, Inc

We are considering accepting new insurance and group plans in addition to those listed.  If you have a particular plan or company that you'd like us to work with, please contact us and we'll do our best to offer them a preferred service plan, as well.  Thank you for your patience during this transition.

Find us on the map - Across from Weaver Markets at the light at RTs 272 and 897

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